Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 31, 2014
Organizer Dashboards

Today is my first organizer post. I purchased a BlueSky 5x8 organizer from Target last Summer. I first added a little fox (Create a Critter) in the front cover. 
I created three different page dividers today. First, as the "You are my sunshine" page. I am using it as my page for current pix. 

Second I created a "today" page. I am using it to mark the current day, as well as post any current tasks. 

Third, I created a "create" page. I am using this area for thoughts and ideas for future projects. 

Below, you will find the dimensions for the projects. 

Paper: Joann's Dollar Bin (patterned)
           Joann's Kraft cardstock

Cricut letter measurements:
Cricut font and basic shapes 
heart shape 
C         0.847x0778
r          0.611x0778
e         0.875x0.75    (copy and paste, for two letter e)
a         0.736x0,736
t          0.528x1.25

t          0.472x1.125
o         0.903x0.0819
d         0.903x1.25
a        0.833x0.833
y         0.986x1,361

I first created the letters to match the size above, then I copied it so I would have two copies. I had one copy that I welded with a rectangle and used with Kraft cardstock. The other copy was used to layer on the top of the shapes with a patterned cardstock. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend everyone!

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