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May 23, 2012 It's Summer (Summer Wreath .... minus the apostrophe.....)lol

Good afternoon everyone.
I am not sure why...but this project took me a really long time.
I need to put my little apostrophe in my wreath too.....ooops! is what I used to create the wreath.....
I purchased a large foam ring at Michael's, as well as some pretty light blue yarn. I covered the ring of foam in yarn, that took a long time. I started in the inside of the wreath so you wouldn't see the glue as much. I used a hot glue gun.
I used the "Life's a Beach" cartridge for everything BUT the wording ... The letters are from Base Camp. I didn't see an apostrophe...but there was quotation marks. I need to still add that. That is my go to cartridge for letters.

Hope you like my project.
Have a great day!:0)