Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13, 2011 luminary

Good evening.
I saw a video of someone using Krylon Glitter Blast and decided I HAD to try it.
I found the color Sparkling Water at Michael's; it was $7.99. It is soooooooo pretty.;0)

ITEMS used:
 old plastic peanut butter container, clear contact paper, and Krylon Glitter Blast.

The snowflake shape is from the Christmas cartridge.
I cut the paper (contact paper up) on depth 6, speed 3. It worked great. I placed the snowflake shape on the container and we sprayed the container. You will probably want to use a sealer. I am still trying to find where I put mine. hmmmm
I will try and post the blog that featured this spray.

I have a flameless candle inside. My son was pretty proud of it and wanted to look at it.;0)


Candice said...

Great idea! It looks wonderful!

June Houck said...

Beautiful! I love good up cycle :)