Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011 The Craftroom

Here are a couple pix of the craftroom.
We are still working on organizing it.
Last weekend we (and I do mean we, the whole family) went to our first CKC Scrapbooking Convention in The Woodlands. My (wonderful) hubby got me this craft desk.:0) pretty, huh? My son seems to think it is his too. lol:0)

One of the pix has my wall mount that we found at the Conatiner Store. You can find different size metal shelves at a resonable price. PLUS, you can design your area any way you would like.:0)

I had to add my framed fabric picture in there. We had picked out two designs of fabric while we were stationed in Japan for the baby bedding. This was the second choice. I love both of them. The first fabric choice, our awesome MIL made our son a really nice bedding set. It is now in our daughter's room.

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